Home Podiatry Services

The Home Health Care Centre will be the pioneer in introducing the Home Podiatry Service to the public in collaboration with the Podiatrist Dr. Noor Janahi.

The podiatry care that will be provided is the art of medicine specialized for treating disorders and injuries of the foot and ankle while administering preventative health measures aiming at maintaining active ambulation within all ages including the senior citizen. Our services will include diagnosing, treating, operating and prescribing for any disease, injury, deformity, or problems of foot and ankle.

The services provided includes the following:

  • Specialised care for all aspects of foot problem.
  • Diagnostic and treatment services of most foot and ankle injuries and pathologies.
  • Care of diabetic foot
  • Provision of preventative services against foot ulcers and health education about foot hygiene and care.
  • Management of foot conditions that are related to osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.
  • Management sports injuries of the foot and ankle.
  • Treatment of a wide range of toenail conditions.

 Home Podiatry service packages