Prof. Faisal Abdullatif Alnasir

The  Home Health Care Centre is dedicated to a unified health delivery of the highest quality of nursing, allied health and medical services for patients, and their families in the Kingdom of Bahrain.  This means providing everything a patient may need at home, from personal care, nutrition and round- the- clock monitoring.

I am proud to state that the HHCC is the first of its kind center established in the Kingdom of Bahrain since 2005. The idea aroused after sensing the extent of patients’ suffering and their families hardship at home and the obvious stress that the caregivers go through while the families struggling to maintain a stable health to their loved ones.  And hence, we took on part of the mission of shouldering such services which are the prime responsibilities of HHCC.  Moreover, our initial concern was whether our staff will be welcomed in homes or rejected due to cultural believes of the society, but after few years of struggle in the provision of these essential services, we succeeded to gain the confidence and the trust of the Bahraini community which is confirmed by the enormous increase in the demands for the HHCC services.

Our determination to reach our goals of brining the public health services to the highest standard goes beyond the doors of our facilities. We work closely with health organizations, schools and social institutes to bring health care to your neighborhood. In the HHCC office, our support groups, management and healthcare staff are carefully selected for their excellent demeanors and professionalism.

After few years of hard work, we realized that in the delivery of high standard healthcare at people’s homes is immense, thus, it required an expansion and diversification of the existing provisions of the HHCC health services. We sought and cooperated with various international centers around the world with similar services in order to bring to Bahrain the latest advances in home care medicine and technology, and any evolved practices in the arena of home health care.

I look forward for our services to cover the health needs of all individuals living in the kingdom of Bahrain.