About HHCC

Executive Summary

Home Health Care Centre offers unique premier home health care services to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Market research indicates that there is a significant need for quality home health care within this region and we believe that by employing competent and well-educated staff and providing them with  organized and responsive management, we have become the home health care centre of choice in the Kingdom.

Utilizers of HHCC services will be those individuals and families in need of home health care. These patients are usually self-referred or by other health care professionals such as physicians, insurance companies and health care facilities. Our centre has already developed an excellent reputation with many of these professionals, through the work of our managements and through the presentations we have made to the community via marketing tools and personal interactions.

HHCC is distinctly and nationally recognized for improving the health of the citizens of Bahrain, and for improving the quality of life of their beloved ones. We aim at making the HHCC a leader within the community for providing excellent professional services delivered to the patients and their caregivers by a community-oriented, well trained and compassionate health care team.


Is to accomplish a world without worries “helping patients to stay home with perfect health statement“.


Home Health Care Centre strives to offer excellent and affordable home health care to individuals and families in Bahrain. The care provided is innovative, compassionate, comprehensive, personalized, and respectful.

Our mission is your care, thus, we work on enriching the lives of individuals and their families by providing the highest quality of health care services at home by employing competent, caring, and well-trained individuals who are responsive to the needs of our patients, their families, and the communities we serve. We encourage and support their continued education and training. In turn,  the Centre  provides staff with competitive compensation,  a challenging work environment, and knowledgeable, trustworthy management and direction.

Say Goodbye to Health Woes & Hello to Optimal Wellness

HHCC Values

  • Customers  always comes first
  • Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners
  • Compassionate care
  • A clear sense of emergency with focusing on exact tasks.
  • Teamwork matters, we will invest in the team development.
  • Continuous improvement, we create the impossible to stay unique.

Keys to Success

  • Professional quality of services offered.
  • Reliability; being available through on-call, and adequate staffing.
  • Effective collaboration with other community professionals (physicians, hospitals and other organizations)