Nursing Services

HHCC provides you with qualified, experienced nurses whenever you call us. All personnel have been thoroughly screened for their profession. The staff acquisition with reference, trainings and medical examinations. There is continuous on-site supervision and trials to upgrade their nursing skills, including First Aid

The nursing personnel include:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Registered Practical Nurses
  • Assistant nurse
  • Caregivers
  • Professional Helpers

The nursing services provided for all patients at home that include:

  • Elderly and bedridden patients
  • Chronically ill
  • Convalescent patients
  • Physically challenged, disabled, stroke patients and others
  • Pregnant women (antenatal)
  • Mothers post delivery
  • Newborn and premature babies post discharge and sick children
  • All patients post-surgical and discharge from hospitals
  • Supportive services such as: injections, wound dressing, bed sores’ treatment, stitches removal, insertion of bladder catheters, insertion of NG tubes etc.
  • Bathing of patients and feeding
  • Home laboratory investigations
  • Patients requiring continuous care
  • Accompany patients during travelling abroad

A full range of In-Home Supportive Services and Complementary Services such as:

  • Personal care of the patient

  • Readily accessible supervision to answer queries and discuss
    concerns, whether those of the patient, the family, or the caregiver

The nursing services are provided on a Long and short-term basis for clients to take care of:

  • Alzheimer and demented patients
  • Chronically ill
  • Convalescent
  • Disabled
  • Elderly
  • End of Life/Palliative care
  • Respite care (In need of interim help)
  • New baby care
  • In hospital care
  • Complementary care
  • Nursing care at all levels.
  • 24 Hour on-call coordination of care by Registered Staff