Mr Fawzan Abdullatif Alnaser

Since HHCC was founded 19 year ago, everyone involved in its success has been keenly aware of the rule of trust and client service. HHCC has carefully nurtured over the past few years a well-diversified range of innovative medical services and products.

As we stand at the brink of entering our 19 years of services in 2024, I take a moment to reflect on the journey HHCC has taken since our founding in 2005. More than anything else, our journey has been one of growing in response to the needs of the community we serve.

We have worked hard to build a high quality and patient-friendly organization to serve all of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the surrounding communities. Our culture is truly focused on quality and customer service, and I think you will appreciate this in every interaction you have with our team.

We look forward to improving the health of our community and contributing to the economic growth of this region as we attract new medical professionals and all of the support services that come with having a high quality Health Centre in the local community.