Home Health Care Centre will be the pioneer in introducing the Foot Care Home Services in collaboration with Dr. Noor Janahi Podiatry Clinic

Check List of services provided by Mobile Foot Care Home Services

Package one – Medical Foot care (1-2 hours treatment)

Management and treatment of skin and nail disorders including:

  • Medical Pedicure (Nail Cut/Callus removal)
  • Management of fungal infection and Warts
  • Management of dry feet

Package two – Diabetic Foot Assessment (1-2 hours assessment)

Diabetic Foot Assessment for all Patients diagnosed with Diabetes to check their risk status including:

  • Simple vascular and neurological assessments
  • Skin and nail assessment
  • Foot biomechanics and pressure analysis using foot mats to predict ulcer development
  • Patient Education regarding diabetic foot care

Package three – Management of Diabetic foot care (1-2 hours treatment)

  • Patient education regarding diabetic foot home care
  • Specialized Wound dressing for Diabetic Foot Ulcers
  • Offloading and pressure reduction for diabetic foot ulcers