Home Podiatry

The Home Health Care Centre will be the pioneer in introducing the Home Podiatry Service to the public in collaboration with the Podiatrist Dr. Noor Janahi.

The podiatry care that will be provided is the art ofmedicine specializedfortreating disorders and injuries of the foot and ankle while administeringpreventative health measures aiming at maintaining active ambulationwithin all ages including the senior citizen. Our services will include diagnosing, treating, operating and prescribing for any disease, injury, deformity, or problems offoot and ankle.

The services provided includes the following:

  • Specialised carefor all aspects of foot problem.
  • Diagnostic and treatmentservices ofmost foot and ankle injuries and pathologies.
  • Care of diabetic foot
  • Provision of preventative services against foot ulcers and health education about foot hygiene and care.
  • Management of foot conditions that are related to osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.
  • Management sports injuriesof the foot and ankle.
  • Treatment of a wide range of toe nail conditions.

Home services for podiatry?

The center works to provide distinguished home services for the foot and ankle, as this branch of medicine specializes in the art and science of treating diseases and damage to the foot and ankle, providing preventive health in order to maintain the independence of movement for patients, especially the elderly. This comes in cooperation between the Home Health Care Center and Dr. Nour Janahi, a specialist in treating foot problems. The service includes diagnosis, treatment, surgery and prescribing medications for diseases, injuries, defects and problems of the foot and ankle at home.

The medical podiatry services provided are as follows:

  • All aspects of foot and ankle care.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of most types of foot and ankle injuries and diseases.
  • Diabetic foot care and the prevention and treatment of foot ulcers.
  • Cleaning sores (surgically and chemically), and wound care.
  • Treatment of foot problems related to osteoporosis and arthritis.
  • Care for types of foot fractures.
  • Care for most types of sports injuries.
  • Provide revision surgery for foot problems such as hallux valgus and ingrown toe.
  • Evaluation and improvement of feet and prosthetics.
  • Treatment of foot pain and various foot deformities such as flattened feet.
  • Use of indoor foot cushions and foot orthoses.
  • Treatment of cases of foot deformities in children.
  • Care for nails and soft tissues in the foot, including attention to toenails and treatment such as thick and sharp nails that grow into the skin.
  • Treatment of fungal and viral diseases affecting the foot.
  • Treatment of nail problems and accumulation of skin tartar.
  • Providing surgical procedures for podiatry for many cases such as operations for deformities of the fingers, soft tissue operations, operations for adjusting bone fractures in the foot, ankle endoscopic operations, ophthalmic neuromas, cleaning of foot wounds and ulcers and amputation of fingers.