Home Podiatry Services at your Home

The Home Health Care Centre will be the pioneer in introducing the Home Podiatry Service to the public in collaboration with the Podiatrist Dr. Noor Janahi.

The podiatry care that will be provided is the art ofmedicine specializedfortreating disorders and injuries of the foot and ankle while administeringpreventative health measures aiming at maintaining active ambulationwithin all ages including the senior citizen. Our services will include diagnosing, treating, operating and prescribing for any disease, injury, deformity, or problems offoot and ankle.


The services provided includes the following:

  • Specialised carefor all aspects of foot problem.
  • Diagnostic and treatmentservices ofmost foot and ankle injuries and pathologies.
  • Care of diabetic foot
  • Provision of preventative services against foot ulcers and health education about foot hygiene and care.
  • Management of foot conditions that are related to osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.
  • Management sports injuriesof the foot and ankle.
  • Treatment of a wide range of toe nail conditions.

الخدمات المنزلية لطب الأقدام؟

يعمل المركز على توفير خدمات منزلية مميزة للقدم والكاحل حيث ان هذا الفرع من الطب يتخصص في فن وعلم معالجة أمراض وأضرار القدم والكاحلوتوفير الصحة الوقائية بهدف المحافظة على استقلالية الحركة للمرضى وخصوصا المسنين. يأتى ذلك بالتعاون بين مركز الرعاية الصحية المنزلية و دكتورة نور جناحى اخصائية علاج مشاكل القدم . تشمل الخدمة تشخيص وعلاج وجراحة ووصف الأدوية لأمراض واصابات وعيوب ومشاكل القدم والكاحل فى المنزل..

خدمات طب الأقدام الطبية الموفرة كالتالى

تنظيف القروح (جراحيا وكيميائيا), والعناية بالجروح.

معالجة مشاكل القدم المتصلة بأمراض هشاشة العظام والتهابات المفاصل.

رعاية أنواع كسور القدم.

االرعاية لمعظم أنواع الاصابات الرياضية.

توفيرالجراحة التعديلية لمشاكل القدم مثل ابهام القدم الأروح واصبع القدم الناشب.

تقييم وتحسين الأقدام والأطراف الصناعية.

علاج آلام القدم ومختلف تشوهات القدم مثل الأقدام المفلطحة.

استخدام وسائد القدم الداخلية وأجهزة تقويم الأقدام.

علاج حالات تشوهات الأقدام في الأطفال.

العناية بالأظافر والأنسجة اللينة في القدم ومنها الاهتمام بأظافر القدم ومعالجتها مثل الأظافر السميكة والحادة التي تنمو الى داخل الجلد.

علاج أمراض الفطريات والفيروسات التي تصيب القدم.

علاج مشاكل مسمار اللحم وتراكم التكلس الجلدي.

Dental Care at Your Home

HHCC will be the pioneer in introducing the Dental Home Care Services in collaboration with Dr. Pierre Dental Center.

Many services will be provided to help senior and special needs people to get the dental treatments that they require at  the comfort of their homes.

The treatments include:

  • Scaling and Polishing
  • Simple Fillings
  • Simple Extractions
  • Crowns
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Bleaching

New Service – Platform Stairlifts

HHCC has added another product to its varied service list: The Installation and Maintenance of Platform Stairlifts.

Our wide range of platform lifts and stairlifts offer a safe and reliable solution to the problems in accessing buildings for people with reduced mobility, disabled users, and the elderly. Whether it’s a domestic or commercial property, our lifts provide easy and independent wheelchair access both internally and externally.

Model: DELTA

The DELTA platform lift is the perfect solution to make straight indoor and outdoor staircases accessible for the wheelchair driver. The smooth transport of electrically powered wheelchairs is guaranteed by a loading capacity of 300 kg.

The robust construction ensures a long working life and a reliable performance. Confirming to the highest safety and quality standards, the Delta is an inexpensive way to manage staircases in a pleasant way. Due to the extremely slim and compact design, the platform occupies only a minimum of space, keeping the staircase free of obstruction.

Model: OMEGA

The OMEGA platform lift gives wheelchair users or mobility impaired persons the possibility to overcome staircases or steep ramps without the assistance of an attendant. It is designed for access over stairs with multiple levels, curves or intermediate landings. As an alternative to an elevator or a vertical platform lift, the Omega requires no structural changes to the staircase.

When the platform is folded, the OMEGA is the narrowest stairlift on the market, leaving maximum clearance on the staircase! Because of the compact construction, the installation is possible at almost all staircases. Indoors or outdoors, the lift gently integrates into every surrounding area. Whether for private or public uses, straight or curved staircases, the Omega is a synonym for mobility and quality of life.

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